Inspyr Africa | About Us
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About Us

Fire up your business

We are in the business of making your business work better. With our feet planted in solid test driven development and our eyes looking to what’s coming next – we apply the same rigor to your project as we do to our own.

Our Abode

We love living and working in Africa, embracing the ‘Silicon Vineyards’ of Africa. Our company culture is really important to us, and we make a point of making sure our clients get welcomed into that also. As projects allow, we love to include a ‘meet the team’ package – bringing clients out to experience ‘Silicon Vineyards’ in Harare for themselves and work alongside us for a work sprint or two.

Our Team

Our team have come from some of the farthest reaches of the globe and our network extends into the major startup regions in Africa. Our exec team have a combined 10 years experience in founding and running their own startups and our development team have clocked literally tens of thousands of hours of development for our many clients around the world.

Our Deepest Secret

When is comes to eating our own dogfood – we definitely do that. The development teams that will work on your projects are the same teams that have launched our internal digital products.


Redifining Africa's Future